ETEBA National Committees

Committees help accomplish the goals and work of the association. All committees are made up of volunteer ETEBA member company representatives.


ETEBA Committees Include:


Works in concert with the ETEBA Executive Director to address federal, state and local government matters that relate to business opportunity and growth. The committee maintains an awareness of the main issues facing the membership and is a source of information on these matters to members; maintains contact with federal agencies as well as elected federal, state, and local officials; and voices the views of ETEBA members on issues such as funding, upcoming contracting opportunities, procurement policies and practices, safety, etc.


Plans and executes all areas of the annual ETEBA Business Opportunities & Technical Conference. This committee is chaired by the ETEBA Executive Director who leads the committee, assigns activities and ensures integrated planning and execution among all subcommittees.


Responsible for membership growth. The committee identifies and solicits new memberships from companies and individuals involved in the energy, technology and environmental industries, and assist in the integration of new members into the organization.


Plans and organizes member meetings, events, workshops, community activities and other programs and services of interest to Members. Identifies budgetary and other resources to accomplish this plan. 

Subcommittees work in the following areas:
  • Conference Agendas: Develops the conference agenda, identifies and researches possible topics and presenters and gets commitments from speakers.
  • Golf Tournaments: Makes logistical arrangements and advertisements for the golf tournament. Solicits golf teams to play in the tournament; solicits raffle prizes and give-aways; provides a play schedule and an awards/recognition program.
  • Sponsorships/Exhibits/Publicity: Publicizes and provides information to the membership about the conference; solicits and obtains sponsorships for the conference and the golf tournament; solicits, obtains and supports exhibitors.
  • Student Activities

If you are interested in joining a committee or would like more information on committee activities contact ETEBA Executive Director Elizabeth Harm at