Membership in ETEBA offers a wide range of services that help members find business opportunities, stay informed of the latest trends and developments and connect with the government and business leaders they need to know. Marketing the skills and assets of your business is an important feature of ETEBA membership. A complete membership directory, including the ability to search for specific requirements and skill sets, is available here to both ETEBA members as well as outside companies looking for teaming partners.

Member Benefits

ETEBA provides the following primary services:
  • Advocates for sustained or increased funding for existing programs and for new programs that would expand business opportunities for member companies
  • Represents the views, issues, capabilities, and concerns of member companies to other entities, including federal, state and local decision-makers
  • Provides facts, information, updates, education, and assistance to help member companies become more competitive and marketable
  • Offers networking opportunities through regular membership meetings, conferences, and other events
  • Monitors market developments and opportunities, and helps raise the visibility of member companies and awareness of their capabilities, products, and services
ETEBA Meetings
ETEBA Publications
  • A member-only benefit, the Weekly Update provides information on important issues and opportunities. Articles are collected from an extensive array of industry periodicals and sent to members once a week.
  • The ETEBA Quarterly Newsletter includes information about ETEBA activities and events, industry information and Member Highlights.
ETEBA Business Opportunities & Technical Conference
  • The annual ETEBA Business Opportunities & Technical Conference is a widely attended tradeshow and convention, featuring high-profile speakers, a major exhibit hall, matchmaking sessions with potential clients and significant networking opportunities for attendees. The conference is normally held during the first week of October.

Join ETEBA and Receive These Advantages…

Information on Business Issues and Opportunities: 

ETEBA members receive up to date information to help them stay on top of new program developments and potential business opportunities. These include a Weekly Update, the ETEBA Newsletter, email alerts, the annual Business Opportunities & Technical Conference and workshops on business and contracting issues.


ETEBA hosts numerous events that offer the opportunity for members to network with each other, potential new clients and key government and industry leaders. These opportunities include regularly scheduled membership meetings, special events, and topical forums. Members can also pursue special interests and issues by serving on ETEBA Committees and Board.

Marketing of Member Capabilities: 

ETEBA exhibits at conferences with promotional materials, makes referrals to contracting entities seeking services that can be provided by ETEBA members, and provides information about its members and their job openings on its website.

Group Advocacy and Representation: 

Through its Advocacy Committee, ETEBA represents member interests to decision-makers at all levels of government, and presents a collective voice on issues of importance to the membership.

Community Involvement:

 ETEBA has active education and safety programs, and provides a platform for members to give back to their communities by sponsoring scholarships and raising money for local charities.

Staff Resources: 

ETEBA has an Executive Director in Tennessee and business services, administrative and communications personnel who support ETEBA activities and member events.

Membership Eligibility


Any commercial firm with objectives consistent with the mission of ETEBA may become a Member. Membership applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors, and membership is granted following a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Local, regional, or state organizations or not-for-profit organizations with objectives consistent with the mission of the ETEBA may become Affiliates of ETEBA upon petition to and approval of the Board of Directors. Approval consists of a majority vote of the Board at a duly noticed meeting.

New members pay a one-time initial membership fee that includes the first year’s annual dues. Renewal dues are billed in January of each year. The fee schedule is listed in the membership packet. Initial membership fees and annual renewal dues are based on the number of total company employees in all offices nationwide. After determining your company’s membership level, designate one principal to be your authorized representative. This person will be responsible for establishing and maintaining your online presence with ETEBA by entering your company profile; any employee of your company can log into the website as a member, but only the member contact can edit the profile.

We hope you will consider joining ETEBA. Contact us to join, or download a pdf version of the membership packet here.